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Said with the intent of making someone laugh/happy. it normally sounds like a load of nonsence and jibbajabba but is actually a future word that obviously will make alot of sense! Plusplusplusplus i know im an idiot but always said i'd get this word in the dictionary.
ajajajajajajajajjaaaaaaaaa! ^_______^
tupid jidiot

....normally is between two people said just for jokes..

'but its better not knowing?.... is actually, smelly jid'
'good but i forgot my brain'

p! says: ajajaaaa:)
jebus says: ajajajajajajjaaaaaaaaaaaaa=
p! says: :D
jebus says: you spelt it wrong actually...
p! says: ¬¬
jebus says: <3 ice cream

by shanaynay¬¬ February 24, 2010
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