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something airwing marines hide under for protection from the "whole marine concept". easily identifiable by recognizing emphasis on words such as "mos credibility" or "quals" or "knowledgeable" (which by the way, isnt a fucking word). these marines insist they know everything, and in their world (the flightline) they do. these marines are usually poor leaders, outstanding mechanics, and nothing that hinders the faintest resemblance of a marine. some can shoot a rifle, some can run a good pft, some of them go to college, some of them pursue resident military education, some of them do some things. but none of them do all of it. they pick and choose areas to focus on, and hide from the rest of the world in the comfort of an MOS. they are also known for back dooring real marines with any desire of mos progression. some have speculated tihs is a result of fear, disdain, and others simply as a self preservation tactic to keep the standard at a level low enough to achieve.
dont listen to him he has been victimized in the airwing security blanket pandemic. that guys a shit bag, outside of the airwing, the marine corps would eat him alive and he knows it. you can be just like him, or you could start pting, shooting a rifle, attending pme, and i dont know, develop into a leader. i guess its up to you.
by H Downington III February 01, 2011
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