A sad excuse for paintball. Only for the pussies who cannot take the pain of paintball, and are frightened to get a dime sized bruise.
You should run over your airsoft gun with a truck, grow some balls, and play paintball, you vagina!
by zero hour SHARK August 03, 2005
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An version of paintball created for city dwellers who either can't find a field or can't get out of town. Therefore they use smaller, less powerful guns that leave no mess.
Airsoft is a smaller no-mess version of paintball for people who can't get to a paintball field.
by Woodsballer 4 Life January 07, 2009
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the sad shitty pathetic excuse for paintball. airsoft players and their "550 fps" shooting guns need to get a life and see. Airsoft is a ... (well not a sport. but kinda like what little kids do with nerf guns) and you need to see that it has no industry you are the only fag who plays it and the day i see an airsoft player get paid 20$ let alone 100,000 to play i'll hang myself
"I've owned paintball players with my airsoft gun!"
"wtf do u set infants on a field with a marker?! paintball guns are mad fast airsoft guns are mad ghey the honor system is what really fuels it... its the solid stone evidence you have that you hit that guy and you should be the winner of the game. go kill yourself queer"
by GKY September 19, 2006
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a game in which you use dinky pee shooters to fire 12 GRAM (lol) PLASTIC pellets at each-other. that can maybe pierce a paper at 30 feet, if it can even go straight for that far. Every airsoft gun wishes to grow p to be a paintball gun.

I own n00bs with my ub3r 1337 plastic airsoft wanna be gun
by Worrlock June 30, 2006
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Airsoft is a military simulation game. It involves dressing in military or law enforcement gear and usually camouflage and shooting members of the opposing teams with plastic or bio-degradeable BBs (meaning Ball-Bearings) fired from airsoft guns. Airsoft guns are usually 1:1 replica firearms that function externally in similar ways. Airsoft guns are usually powered by gas, a battery which runs a motor, or just a spring. Guns run by spring power are usually called "springers" and looked down upon by every real airsofter. They are usually purchased for tweenage children who don't know any better, or whose parents don't know any better. Airsoft is often compared to paintball, which makes no sense because they are two very different games which attract different people who are looking for different things to do. Airsoft also incorporates the use of real military and law enforcement tactics, and games can get very intense. It is an honor based game, meaning if you feel yourself get hit with a BB, or even suspect it, you need to call yourself out. The majority of players do this, though a small minority decide that they are invincible and never call their hits which ruins the fun for everyone else. All in all, if you are willing to spend a lot of money on a hobby, you should give airsoft a try. You just might love it.
Lets go play airsoft this weekend! I got a new gun!
by The Very Merry Crusader January 12, 2015
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The sport that people that can't play paintball play. Airsoft is played by many ages from 8 to 40. The game that Cheaters will be envolved in not calling there hit and saying your out when you aren't.
Friend1: hey you should come air soft with me
You: sorry airside is for people who can't play paintball
by The_lonly_one June 20, 2014
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