type of suspension utilizing an air compression system which replaces stock or aftermarket shocks. They are especially made for comfort and you can adjust each shock individually at any time

guy 1: my dub is slammed hard

guy 2: thats tight but tour lip has gotta be fucked up from speed bumps right

guy 1: nah i've got air ride
by dubber4life April 20, 2009
When you have anal sex with a girl or guy in the ass and they have gas. This produces a barrier of gas between the rectum and the penis creating a cushiion of air.
I fucked a girl in the ass last night, and she had so much gas; it felt like an air ride suspension on a semi.
by Brandon Butt September 3, 2007
When a person or (people) are cruising in a vehicle with no particular destination or place to be .
Air Riding - We were planing to go to the store , instead we started Airriding around the city.
by 98.MARLEEY July 18, 2018
The act in which a man gently glides his warm ballbag up a woman's body from her feet to her head and then gently lands them in her mouth.
I'm going to take her out for a nice dinner and then back to my place for a hot air balloon ride.
by El Duderino 23 October 20, 2011
The act of making an air-tight seal around someone's butthole and then they fart a giant fart into your mouth and your cheecks fill with air.
The only way Dale could imagine seeing the world outside of his jail cell was when Rick gave him a Hot air balloon ride.
by Se7en November 15, 2006
When a dog is cleaning itself and it farts in its own face.
Oh my god, Rex just farted in his face while cleaning his junk. That must’ve been one hell of a Hot Air Balloon Ride!!!
by dswannie November 21, 2020
When you fart in a plastic bag & wrap it over someone’s head. Preferably a pull string garbage bag to allow your victim to savor the smell.
by Dawn Keebals January 13, 2020