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sound, a PSSHHH, type of sound that is similar to a trucks air brakes. The meaning can be two fold, 1st this sound is performed when you are in strong disagrement with a person or with something they might have said. and the 2nd would be performed to say "fuck you" to someone without them really knowing. If they knew you were telling them "fuck you" they would donkey punch you in the head
girlfriend: tom ! all you want to do is drink beer with your friends,or fuck and watch porn. i can't stand it anymore ! !
Tom:PSSHHH ! i'm so sorry, i didn't know it bothered you so much. i'll stop , i want to make you happy

Doe: Fall out boy is the best band in the world ! !
Cloe: PSSHHH, umm, i know they rock !

Dad: Mike ! go in that room and clean it up ! it looks like a pig stye in there ! !
Mike: PSSHHH , no problem dad right away
Dad: HEY ! ! don't kick me air brakes ! do that shit again and i'll donkey punch you in the head ! !
Mike: Ummmmm, yes sir
by Jack de wack June 12, 2008
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