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The American Israel Public Affairs Committee is a special interest group that lobbies the United States Government on behalf of a strong U.S. - Israel relationship. Describing itself as "America's Pro-Israel Lobby," it is a mass-membership organization including both Jews and non-Jews, and is considered one of the most powerful political lobbies in the United States.

Aipac supports polotical candidates that are anti-Iran's nuclear program.
by applbaum April 24, 2006
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A pro-Israel organization that attempts to build support for the United States-Israel relationship. AIPAC does this through sinister and illegitimate tactics like letter writing campaigns, public speeches, meetings with congressmen, and encouraging supporters to vote for or contribute to sympathetic candidates.
AIPAC supporter: I think it's in America's interest to support a reliable democratic ally in the Middle East. I'll go call my congressman and tell him that.

Bigot: Stop trying to control our foreign policy and silence dissenting voices, you dual-loyalty Zionist!
by Ariinmd December 07, 2011
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Tupac's asian half-brother.


A pro-Israel political pressure group with a budget of hundreds of millions of dollars.
Generally used to fund senators campaigns who are pro-Israel. They expect full loyalty to Israel of their candidates which often causes contradictions and hypocrisy in American foreign policy.
It can also lead to problems investigating such incidents as the USS Liberty tragedy, where dual loyalty can lead to cover-ups of Israeli atrocities, to the detriment of Amercian citizens.
The liberty investigation was a whitewash coverup motivated by AIPAC.
by justice for USS liberty August 04, 2004
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