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When your doing a girl from behind holding her by her hair. You lean down and whisper "I have aids" and hold on for eight seconds.
I just gave her the aids rodeo.
by Greg P. October 15, 2007
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The moment when entering your partner in the postion "doggie style", one informs the person who has just been entered that you have aids. The aim of the game is to remain inside the partner as long as possible from that moment on. PS: this works best on one night stands.
From the moment I told her, the aids rodeo started and I managed to stay inside Judy for a hole 50 seconds! Afterwards, her room was totally trashed by the way...
by Single Bad Man July 14, 2006
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A sporting event initiated while having unprotected doggie style sex. begin by grabbing your partner's hips and telling them you are HIV positive, then hang on as long as possible while they try to fling you off like a bull.
I lasted 9 seconds on my first aids rodeo.
by Topkek January 20, 2017
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