a word to show extreme emotion. It has morphed from the words ohh dang
ahhh daaaay! you're a pro guy. way to suck it up!
by tyler bush October 2, 2006
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ahhh perry the platypus you have fallen into my trap by reading this in my voice and now i will rule over the tri state area
ahhh pery the platypus is a common quote told by doofinshmirts
by zcxvbmnadsfhgjklqwretyiuop April 16, 2021
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The 'AHHH NUGGETS' challenge is a challenge where you put a nugget on a plate and bring it to your friend. If the friend gets terrified and starts shaking then they lost the challenge.
Friend 1: "Nasia preformed the 'AHHH NUGGETS' challenge on her brother and he got so scared he almost started twerking."
Friend 2: "Woah that's crazy!"
by patathkia January 25, 2022
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Very suspicious noise adults or children make when they enjoy life. Or if they enjoy a certain activity if your name is Luke and you wear glasses you might use this noise in a day to day life
Mr James: Heyy Luke
Luke: Ahhh Ohhhhh
Mr James: Are you Ok

Luke: Ahhh Ohhhhh
Mr James: Do you like that noise Luke ;)
Luke:Ahhh Ohhhhh
Mr James: I can make that noise too :)
Luke: Yaaaaaaaasssss (Ahhh Ohhhhh)
by Mr James vocab December 6, 2021
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Shout "AHHHH! GHHH GHHH" scare the shit out of unsuspecting people.
Use in combination with Shamsher
*points at the ground*
by James3k September 21, 2005
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When you receive good sloppy top treatment that make you curl ya toes, ya veins pop out and make you scream awww shit
DREADHEAD: Say mane when we go to the pool I’m trying to get that Ahhh Shit Treatment from ole girl, the kind that will make u lose ya soul like you playing mortal Kombat
by The Date Tech Prodigy May 25, 2022
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A phrase used when you are running for the office of President of the United States of America and you wish to be immediatly disqualified.
Herman Cain: "Looks like some people ready party up in here! Ahhh, shucky-ducky now!"
by dksf June 17, 2011
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