The 'AHHH NUGGETS' challenge is a challenge where you put a nugget on a plate and bring it to your friend. If the friend gets terrified and starts shaking then they lost the challenge.
Friend 1: "Nasia preformed the 'AHHH NUGGETS' challenge on her brother and he got so scared he almost started twerking."
Friend 2: "Woah that's crazy!"
by patathkia January 25, 2022
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Shout "AHHHH! GHHH GHHH" scare the shit out of unsuspecting people.
Use in combination with Shamsher
*points at the ground*
by James3k September 20, 2005
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A phrase used when you are running for the office of President of the United States of America and you wish to be immediatly disqualified.
Herman Cain: "Looks like some people ready party up in here! Ahhh, shucky-ducky now!"
by dksf June 17, 2011
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When a female gets an orgasam while having “fun” and tells the male to fuck harder
Male: you like that

Female: (moaning) yeah ahhh fuck me daddy
Male*fucks harder
by Sodium_0mg July 9, 2018
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when someone has dirty nasty breath or when they eat something spicy
ex 1.yo fam your breath is hot get cho spicy bref ahhh outta here boi

ex 2 yo dawg you just ate those doritos chips withcho spicy bref ahhh boi
by Stevie magoose November 19, 2018
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This is a roast that you CAN NOT! i repeat CAN NOT recover from it is un-dodge-able
person 1: if you don't getcho cheese burger built ahhh boi outta here amma snatch yo forehead you plain ass cheese burger built ass nga without the lettuce and cheese hold the ketchup and fries head ass
person 2: OK man im sorry im sorry
by Stevie magoose November 25, 2018
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An amazing Wilbur Soot quote.

A statue of a pidgeon "pidgeon"
The head comes off "AHHH"
Ahah I love Wilbur's quote " pidgeon.. AHHH " its so funny.
by eodo November 11, 2021
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