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A kind of heavy metal used to describe bands such as Twelfth Level Cleric. Dragon slaying, sword wielding, spell casting murderous metal. Metal for those who roll their 20 sided die to make decisions such as "melee attack? or cross bow?"

Metal for people who have more than enough charisma points to cast an obsession spell and get away with it.

Metal for dwarves and elves alike. Even though everyone knows dwarves and elves dont get along...this is the one aspect that they can see eye to eye about. Well, at least eye to chest in the Dwarves case.

This soaring guitar orgy of passion and inspiration is the best soundtrack for anyone who has been upon the mighty wings of the red dragon balthezar or just dreamed there-of.
Adventure metal? yeah of course i listen. a Twelfth Level Cleric. I should cast a paralyze spell on you just for the stupidity of your question.
by Jay Slack March 24, 2006
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