One who does grown up, sophisticated things such as wearing crocs, knitting, buy patio furniture, reading novels, and teaching students.
Wow, James is such an adult now that she has crocs!
by DMK22 February 20, 2021
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Dominique should go to Angel’s party because an Adult, Christopher Brooks, would be there
by Gyan Angelica November 09, 2019
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A person who thinks that they are always right and you are always wrong because they are 18 years out of their mother's buttocks and you are not.
Adult: It doesn't matter if we cheat, steal, lie, kill other people, abuse drugs or start illegal wars for profit or how many times we were wrong beforehand, you must always obey us without question.
Child: Screw you!
Adult: Faints, before screaming "Go to your room"!
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by Hot.rodz September 02, 2019
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A person who has almost legal access to all 18+ content.
You can't register on this site without age confirmation, it contains adult content!
by HookUpGeek January 04, 2019
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adutls are people who boss you and if your parents then boss your whole life. adults can be nice and buy you things but are mosty annouying,rude,nice,kind,caring and more. if you want more explaintion go to goggle and search it it you big baby.
adults are the best!
by grizzybear10 November 06, 2020
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