German sportswear company created by adi dassler . Famous for making shoes and casualwear popular with football hooligans.
1. Adidas Originals is casual wear , anything else is not .
by lgng August 25, 2010
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1. A living American(World) hero, a well published artist and profound author, a liberator
2. Someone possessing extraordinary intelligence or skill, extraordinary capacity, a mental leap, an extraordinary creative process.
3. The doctrine that we as human beings are mereley an expression, or a dualistic split off of what is truely oneness.
4. Realizing the limitations of what are usually refered to as supernatural talents, properties, or qualities.
5. Transcending the illusions of existence.
6. What is beyond the mind, beyond any mindful concept of God or existence itself.
7. Understanding the futility of the search for God, understanding the foundational misconceptions of all religions and God interpretations of any kind.
1. Adi-Da is Truth, beyond the mind.
2. Adi-Da is Pure Intelligence, unobstructed by egoity.
3. Adi-Da is unadulterated Love.
4. AdiDa is a path/consideration from the most fundamental to the most Profound.
by qandra March 07, 2008
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Name of an old German company that makes clothes, shoes and lots of sports related things. FYI to some of the other definitions, barely anyone one wears Adidas to look "gangster". Well, I hear some English guys do that, and that's just hilarious! We just call them Wiggers in the states. Usually people wear it to look old-school and fresh in America.

For example, their classic shoes called Superstars
-Worn by a lot of bboys
-Worn by some rappers
-Worn by people who used to wear these in the 80's because it gives them good old memories

Adidas is also a huge icon in the sports world too. That's their main focus. They sell very good cleats and running shoes. They also sell tracksuits with their classic 3 stripe pattern on the sleeves.

Btw ADIDAS does not stand for all day i dream about (insert). The founder's name was Adolf "Adi" Dassler. Combine Adi and Das and you get, well, you know.
--English Wigger: Ey bruh i be rockin dem adidas. aw day ah dream about shoez (totally not what it stands for)
*old man walks up the street*
English Wigger: Oooohhh lesss go niqquh
*runs in circles around old man*
English Wigger: brap brap brap brap!

hahahahaha that would be so funny to see
by BboyJester January 23, 2011
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All Day I Dream About Sex
ADIDAS Can't be used in a sentcene
by Jordan Khawaldeh January 01, 2016
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