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A person who cannot stop reading and is in love with so many fictional characters (that all die in the end btw) that they cannot count
My friend Joan is a book addict
by sexcgod April 16, 2021
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One who is addicted to engines has a constant almost never ending need to build and spend money on the motor vehicles one owns. For example; cars, trucks, atvs, snowmobiles, motorcycles, scooters and etcetera. This person may have list written down or in their phone of all the parts they want with prices. These lists will be long and contain almost every aftermarket part available or just everything that makes a big difference in power, handling, reliability and of course looks. They may also have lists like this for vehicles they dont even have yet. These addicts are always looking for more vehicles to dump more money into them so they will have a close eye on the online classified sites for those projects and cheaper parts. If one finds the exact part that they already decided they wanted at what they think is a good deal there is no stoping the purchase from happening. Some addicts can just sell what they built just because something new came out. Others will hold a stronger than sentimental attachment to the build after its done and never think of selling it because they know how much theyd loose selling but will still by the new one regardless. These people become full of joy when they get a new part, new vehicle, drive the vehicle and even cleaning them. Serious depression can occur to an engine addict to lose all there vehicles
David is definitely an engine addict.

Yeah David is definitely addicted to engines

Hi my name is David and i have and addiction to engines
by Moto tech December 16, 2017
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Someone who likes to read episode interactive stories more then talking to people on the internet
Friend 1: Let’s go out to the movies

Episode addicted person: STFU IM ON A CLIFF HANGER

Friend 2: They need mental help...
by Aanalyce November 12, 2018
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Counterfeit humans, attached to traumatic institutions of culture, and hierarchy, who are beholden to upholding the lies and the crimes, that those traumatic institutions were historically founded upon, because those institutions are the trauma addicts' only source of social and existential value.
The trauma addict zombies of the prestigious university - who went in disguise as normal students and staff - conspired against the minority target for the entire , four year length of her academic career - because they meant to uphold the racial hierarchy of undeserved white privilege, which is the toxic tradition of the nation, and thus, gain the material rewards of professional advancement for themselves. Immunebliss
by ancestaera August 27, 2020
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Someone who can't live without wikipedia. will most likely have wikipedia as their home page, and in extreme cases may have the wikipedia home page as their desktop background. They can spend anywhere up to 500 plus days on wikipedia without the need for food, after which they wikipedia 'Food' to make them eat again. These addict's usually are male and have the name JOSH. and if anyone dis's wikipedia they will choke them to death. If these addict's dont fullfil their daily wikipedia requirements they can end up in a wikipedia induced coma, which may result in death. An easy way to know if someone is a wiki addict, they usually know everthing and start "nerdjacking"!, only because they wiki everything
Metro 2033 is awesome!!!!!!

Josh, you havent even played it before, you have just wikied it.


You Wiki addict!
by GLITCHYFANBOY June 25, 2011
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Enthusiastic devotee of art, who receives ineffable pleasure from observing it in its seven forms and particularly from photography.
She is such a visual addict, she spends hours looking at photographs.
by Maripu December 20, 2016
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