A person on Myspace who goes around adding random people just to increase their friends list. They also join groups and put up "Add Me" posts and the dumb ones post "Add Me" bulletins (the reason this is stupid is because when you're posting a bulletin, only your friends can see it, so they've obviously already added you). You can tell if a person is an add me whore by looking at their friends list--if their list is huge, they don't have a lot of stuff filled out in their profile, and most of their comments are "Hey! Thanks for the add," then you've got an add me whore.
by the darrien August 7, 2005
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1. Can be found in MySpace and many other websites of the like. They come in all shapes and sizes...whether it's emo, punk, thug, valley girl, etc. They like to post numerous bulletins and threads saying "add me!" Their main purpose is to get as many friends as possible. It is impossible not to see any of such people on MySpace becuase they run so rampant.
1. Person A: Omg, add me plz, k thks.
Person B: No.

2. Person A: I need 200 friends by the end of the day! Add me!!
Person B: What you really need is to chill out.
by andreacky772 July 21, 2005
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