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The extreme urge to roll dice before acting. Other symptoms include:mixing up dungeons and dragons with reality and an extreme weakness to poison.
If you like dungeons and dragons you have adam's disease
by joe kowalski July 23, 2006
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The act of acting like a 'school girl' upon seeing the naked flesh of a women's breast region.
Girl: *naked* Are my boobs too small?
Boy: Eeeeeeeeeeeee~ *jumps up and down*
Girl: You must have Adam's Disease.

"So, what happened?"
"Well Doctor, I lost a liter of blood while staring at my girlfriends boobs."
"Ah, you must have Adam's Disease."
by Kingpoopoo October 13, 2011
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An incredibly annoying skin disease commonly found in young men. It infects the host, diminishing their mental capacity and reducing them to slobbering immature idiots. Also causes genital deformation and sever attraction to the same sex, leading to sever anal bleeding. Sadly, this disease progresses until the victim is completly consumed by the desire to have sex with men, becoming a complete cum dumpster.
(Rob)Hey, did you see Danial, he got the Adams Disease.

(Dave) Yea, I feel sorry for that little bitch but that asshole had it coming. Did you hear that his penis fell off?

(Rob) Damn that kid has it bad!
by revenge345 June 12, 2007
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