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An individual or group who discretely tries to toss in a plug for a product or service they offer for sale. Many times there will be 2 more offenders who try to make a fake coversation on a topic for a product they sell or offer, drop a free advertisement giving the name and contact information for their company, and hope desperately for the phone to ring as a result of the name dropping.
I wish this "ad whore" would stop using our website to drop their name and leave unpaid advertisements for their company, they are not appropriate and against the TOS of the website.
by concerned viner July 16, 2006
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any game or movie or book advertised in more than 3 of the conventional forms of media (i.e. magazines, internet, tv) so much that major plot and gameplay points are exposed before the general release, or any game advertised on the 3 media+ food and beverage products at a high frequency.
person1: Dude, did you see the summer 2004-spring-2005 issues of Xbox Magazine? Halo 2 was such an ad whore!
by aka_Pyro March 31, 2007
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