NOT a doll. Dolls are for girls. Action figures are much more masculine and cool. Often depicting certain super-heroes or video game/movie characters, and sometimes real people.
"Hey, man what are you doing playing with that batman doll?"
"Hey! This is an ACTION FIGURE! Not a doll.... Dolls are for girls..."
by commodore cool December 16, 2008
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when one's arms are way more tan than their torso due to over use of tank-tops and other sleeveless apparel, so their arms are left looking like they were freshly attached.
I was trying to get rid of the tan lines from my t-shirt, but i was left with the ever embarrassing "action figure tan."
by lopemastergm July 03, 2008
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when you can see a womans panty line well defined through her tight clothing which resembles an action figure doll.
action figure butt,

booty panty line
by paulyfatfingers May 08, 2011
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The second track on Chinese pop boy group WayV’s third mini album “Kick Back”. Some would say it’s the best song on the album.
A: Did you see the performance video for Action Figure?
B: Yes! I loved Kun’s part in the bridge!
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A doll for boys (and sometimes even grown men, no joke). Don't ever let anyone try to fool you that action figures aren't dolls. There's no real difference besides the title.
"I'm looking for a Han Solo Action Figure"
"Oh so you're an adult who plays with dolls huh?"
"Okay, would you also like a Princess Leia doll to go with Han?"
by raf002 July 31, 2021
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