A sea in the middle of South America, dinosaurs, dragons and aliens live there, that's also where Neverland is located. The brazilian government says it's a ordinary piece of land that Brazil owns, but there's no proof of such thing.
by PINTO______________GRANDE October 18, 2020
A firearm that every nerd on the planet believes is the best weapon ever made because of MW2. The reality is that it will NEVER see military adoption because of its inferior durability and design to weapons already in use. It is chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO and is manufactured by Remington Defense and Bushmaster.
Loser: "dude the ACR is the best gun in the world! I pwn in cod with it!"

Firearms Expert: shoots Loser with a real HK-416, a superior weapon system
by EMR-22 November 11, 2012
A dinosaur breeding ground located a the end of Brasil, where every thing is possible.
Why is the car trip taking so long are we going to Acre!

Why watch Jurassic park when you can go to Acre!
by #Atlantis April 13, 2018
the term used as a metric for body width
"my cousin from Kansas is 12 acres wide"
by lil_tunt February 13, 2019
ACR stands for Alton County Railways - a shit program that did not work during the Rail group war on roblox. Many key figures stood to take it down including CuteCatGames, TescoCornflakes,OfficialHavster and DannyRBLX. One of the major figures that was targeted was WindowSill363 who has been ruined publicly.
Wow, that brick with shit stinks like ACR
by CuteCatGames April 21, 2019
To be full of glitter. To have a large amount of glitter.
"Dude, you better be acreful or people will think you're a Metro"
by Galder March 7, 2004
An measurement of time, used primarily in rural areas
by Hagger September 27, 2006