Japanese term for orgasm (noun form).

Kana: アクメ; Romanji: Akume
Dude A: If things go well I might get to see her acme face.
Dude B: You're such a fucking weeaboo.
by WapanesePower January 5, 2010
Pronunciation: /Ah-seem/
A Filipino sarcastic bayawaccers jejemon term for Sour
The formal spelling of acm is "Asim"
Bayawacc 1: Acm ni Kween Lengleng (Kween lengleng smells sour)
Bayawacc 2: true
by gunthelang69 August 11, 2021
The Association for Computing Machinery. This is the coolest place in the world.
4(/\/\ !5 1337!!

Translation: ACM is elite!!
by anonymous March 24, 2005
All China Made. Airsoft guns that were made in China as clones of Tokyo Marui and Classic Army. Labeled as "LPEG" or "MPEG". The MPEGs are usually good and can usually compete with TM's and CA's. Usually in the price range of $100 to $200
Me: Damn, Jimmy got a new ACM.
Jimmy: At least I didn't spend $600 on a TM..................
by LPEG LOVER LOLOL September 17, 2007
acronym for Aite Cheers Mate, expressing complete agreement (with a tone of finality at the end of a conversation)
'So this is the plan...we're gonna meet at your place at 8'

'ACM' (end of conversation)
by Siddarth Shetty October 28, 2009
ACM- The Academy Of Contemporary Music. Possibly the coolest place in the world. Fucking legendary.
"Duuude, i'm gonna be the class clown at ACM!"
by ACM LOVER April 20, 2004
The Greatest in the Algonquin area. Also known as JS25. This man is the future of JHS BBALL. Hes gotta swagga like no other. Get at him and he will bust a move. Leader of the BLACKDOWN celebration at Dundee Township Park District. Gotta show sum love to Suf get at him, hes still got the jersey Hinkle!

Teesheh Moochka.
JS25, ACM, Get Em, DTPD, Blackdown.
by ACM/JS25 September 7, 2008