A hallucionogenic drug
When I was on acid... I was the devil... and I tried to eat my friends dog that looked like a walking chicken leg, and I ate a cigarette that was a "candy cane"- eew
by Remy's Bitch January 31, 2005
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Acid is commonly called LSD. This drug fucks u up major!!! U want hallusinations......take it!!!! Personal experiences with this drug include talking to the tree in my boyz backyard for a few good hours! Everything seems so great when ur on acid unless u become hostile which most commonly happens when ur trippin in a party atmosphere (not reccomended).
Dude, that acid had me way the hell up on those clouds!!!!!
by cRaZy Kt April 16, 2004
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a genre of electronic music, characterized by widely distorted layered melodies, which are sequenced and repeated with different frequency cutoff points. acid trance is usually accompanied by a driving bassline.
1) i like acid trance a lot.
2) Megamind's "Taub" is an excellent acid track.
by LINE February 15, 2003
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Unless you have a bad trip Acid is actually a fun drug, it makes you and your friends do and say the funniest things imo. I've personally never seen anything but my friend said she saw president clintion hiding behind a bush, of course I had another friend tell me they lost their best friend to cid cuz he thought he was superman thinking he could stop the train and BLAMO!
One at a party I thought I pissed all over myself infront of strangers when in fact I didn't.
by KellyKopowski May 03, 2005
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Acid was a drug created by the CIA for various purposes but was effective at none of them. Acid was then found to be a catalyst that people used to open the doors of perception. Often people truly felt they had gone to heaven, taken shots with God and He enlightened their brian with the love that only He could. After twelve hours God would send the person back to somewhat normalcy but the memory of the visit to God would always be remembered. Subsequently, scientists proved this to be true and tried to ban the substance and use propaganda to be able to horde it for themselves.
I'm going to church but I need some acid first.
by Dr. Leary January 03, 2008
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Heaven for stoners and depressed bastards. I reccomend watching Kung Pow while under the influence.
DoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOod <spins around in circles> Acid ROCKS!!!
by Cracker April 01, 2005
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Like Lava, but can literally Vaporize you because Acid is colored Green
guy: "dude, dont trip, you're over an acid pit"
guy 2: "why man? it's just green! Green is Good!"
guy: "can be molten copper..."
by your best idiot April 03, 2010
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