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Acacia Brinley is a chick who had a Tumblr account and posted underwear selfies. She got hate and then deleted it. She then dated Sam Pottorff and became famous for that too. She then dated his friend and was always sending nude to famous guys, including Dylan Holland, Austin Mahone, and One Direction. She also sent nudes to Luke Hemmings.The incredible Liz Hemmings then replied flawlessley with "@AcaciaBrinley please stop sending my son nudes. He does not appreciate your crusty vagina." She is only famous for her nudes. She now has her own youtube account and just talks about herself and tries to sing.
Acacia Brinley is a slut who just fell from the whore tree and "accidentlly" banged every guy on the way down
by KawaiiPerson13 November 23, 2015
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