A controversial topic that should have only one rule:

Who cares if it goes against 'God' or the 'Bible'?
Who's God? Who's bible?
NOT MINE and not a lot of other citizens of this world.

This country is the 'land o' the FREE!'
Not the 'land of the Land of the free when it's conveniant for us.'

Whether abortion is right or wrong,
it should be a choice.
Wrong way to disagree with abortion:

Right way to disagree with abortion:
"I think the baby is alive no matter what you say, so to me it is murder."
by Danielle Danielle January 08, 2009
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Something which no one ideally wants to have. Like any surgery or medical treatment problems can occur.

If so called "right to lifers" really want to do something positive, they would channel all their anger and use it to no better word than "glorify" all the alternatives women have to abortion, instead of attacking those who see no other alternative and the doctors that only want to make sure that a woman doesn't suffer from the process.
If rich republicans want everyone who gets pregnant to give birth, then they should start lining up to adopt into their own homes all the kids who are born to women who realize they wont be able to raise those children properly.
by Jock January 26, 2005
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1. The act of aborting a sequence or process.
2. a) The act of terminating the "life" of an unborn child.
b) If used in large quantities, a potentially greatly effective method of population control.
1. Abort the mission.

2. a) She had an abortion in her 5th month of the pregnancy.

b) We could really use more abortion.
by Dark Laith December 05, 2004
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The act of terminating a pregnancy.

Many people like to paint abortion as evil and the eqivalent to murdering a fully-developed, conscious human being, which is a delusional argument.

People against abortion are usually religious conservatives that argue that life begins when sperm meets egg. They also argue that every life is predetermined by a higher power, which is a flawed argument because it's really easy to get somebody pregnant, and it was origanally made that way to insure the survival of a species. Once the baby is born, "pro-lifers" then don't care what happens to the child. Most "pro-lifers" don't adopt unwanted children or give money to orphanages. And ironically many "pro-lifers" support unnecessary war, the death penalty, hunting animals for fun and sport, and murdering people on religious grounds. Also a minority of "pro-lifers" take it to an extreme level and bomb abortion clinics and murder abortion clinic doctors and employees.

I'll always maintain the opinion that only the woman carrying the child should be able to choose if she wants to carry the baby to term or not, but I don't think abortion is as bad as everyone makes it out to be. With so many kids in orphanges and a world population of 6.5 billion, and millions of starving people, abortion helps control population, since some people are too stupid to not wear a condom.

One has to ask if people just suddenly stopped having abortions, what would happen to the extra 40 million babies that would be born worldwide each year? This is something "pro-lifers" don't think about.
Whether to have or not have an abortion should be only up to the woman carrying the fetus to decide, not some 80 year old male politicians or the religious fundies.
by starsinthetwilight February 19, 2009
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The termination of a woman's pregnancy by killing the fetus. A very large controversy in the United States and elsewhere, because people can't agree on when a fetus becomes a person. Illegal in the U.S. prior to the Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade in 1973.
Erin had an abortion because she couldn't support a child.
by House Cat October 25, 2008
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Something that should never have to be done, if people knew how to use a fucking condom. Slip it over the head of the penis and roll it down the base. Your fuckbuddy can even help you do it if so desired. Some people are just whores and have unprotected sex without caring, and get dozens of abortions, whereas some situations are acceptable, such as a condom breaking or a contraceptive not working. As long as you TRIED to prevent pregnancy, its acceptable. However if you do it without thinking, its your fault for being a dumbass. Unexpected pregancies should not exist. If you have unprotected sex, EXPECT to get pregnant. Otherwise, shut the hell up. And maybe lrn2contracept. However, if you WANT to become pregnant at an early age, by all means go ahead, but do not complain about unexpected pregnancies, you dumb sluts.
Girl that just found out she was pregnant: "OMG, I just found out I'm pregnant.."
Someone else: "Did you use a condom or the pill or something?"
Girl: "No.."
Person: "Then wtf did you expect. Ya dumb bitch."
Girl: "Eh, I'm gonna get an abortion."
Person: "You wouldn't have to if you weren't so retarded."
by Deathspartan66 July 28, 2009
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Abortion is the act of termiating a fetus before it reaches birth.
Abortion is appropriate in cases such as teenage pregnancy, incest, rape, and inner city mothers who can't afford a child.
Regardless of whether you support abortion morally/religiously, abortion should be legal because it's not the government's job to tell you what's moral and what's not.
If you want a theocracy, move to Saudi Arabia.
Too bad George Bush's parents didn't get an abortion.
by colored girl. August 26, 2006
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