Simply put, the act of murdering a helpless little baby. Pro-choice activists feel that whether or not a woman should carry a child to full term should be her choice, but what they seem to forget is that the woman made her choice. She chose to have sex. Every person knows the risk you take when you have sex. Even a young child can understand that. That risk especially increases when you have sex without protection. So tell me, where exactly is it that a woman isn't getting her right to choose? If she isn't ready to deal with the consequences, then she isn't ready for sex. It is not fair for the child to be punished because the mother screwed up.
Now people are going to argue with me, "but what about in the cases of rape and incest?" Let's look at that, shall we? Honestly, how many of the abortions carried out are actually for that reason? Probably less than 1%. Women use it as their form of birth control. Often times, they have more than one. I honestly don't see how anyone can live with themselves after murdering a baby. If you don't want the child, there are plenty of loving and responsible people that do. Have the baby and give it up for adoption. There is no shame in better a couple's life, as well as a baby.
I was irresponsible when I had sex and got pregnant. I don't want it so I will end its life by having an abortion.
by simpleme May 30, 2005
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Killing of an unborn child. Unborn not meaning dead, but simply in the womb. Many people believe it should be legal soley because of rape, incest, and when it endangers the mothers life. Little do these people know, those cases make up around 7% of abortions performed. Should laws be based on exceptions? no. Should abortion continue to be easilly excessable to whom ever needs one? no. In fact, Many people also think that teenagers should have the right to choose, especially if their family income is low. I guess they dont know that most of teenagers who have abortions come from a family setting where the yearly income was 60,000 dollars or higher. So agian, No other law is based on exceptions, why should abortion be?
i killed my child through an abortion today because I want to make women look bad because we can't handle silly little problems and keep our legs closed.
by sarah w August 06, 2005
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A Right that only a woman has in some countries to kill her own unborn child as a matter of choice. If that same woman attempted to kill herself authorities would step in and save her from herself and place her under psychiatric care. (That makes sense) Some people would have you believe that abortion benefits society by relieving government of the cost of raising that child. This could be a true statement if you knew the future of that child (Maybe a Bill Gates). I wonder if those same people would rationalize the killing of handicapped & poor people who's situation we already know. Some people also can not see the difference between the death penalty and abortion. In one case the victim didn't do anything to deserve the punishment and in the other case the victim chose to take the life of someone else, therefore in his mind killing of another must be alright so the killing of him should be alright too. (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you and I'm not religious, just makes sense) So first admit abortion is killing and then say it's OK to kill your own child. At least be honest about your decision and the laws this country passes. As far as the act of masturbation being killing, you are leaving the cells to die but the last time I check the killing of sperm wasn't a crime. But by the way some Liberals think maybe they could find away to make those "evil men" pay for their actions. I'm sure if a woman did something like that there would some excuse like "I didn't know better" or "I couldn't help myself" or "It's my body, I'll do what I want". In ending I personally believe abortion should be used in self defense only (To stop the killing or suffering of the mother). In the case of rape, a D&C right after the crime should prevent the pregnancy. Whatever decisions you make in life please choose logic over emotion you'll be happier with your decisions.
I'm having an abortion because The Supreme Court said I could!
by CommonSense April 19, 2006
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Diarrhea as a result of food baby. "The runs". Usually the result of greasy fast-food.
"I need to get to a delivery room before i abort this food fetus all over the lobby."

"I've been having abortions for weeks. Must be food baby poisoning."
by chandizl January 08, 2009
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To kill an innocent child because you were so fucking selfish that you got fucked before you were ready, weren't careful, and are too fucking immature to deal with the consequences. Yeah fuck you you dumb slut!
You dumb whore, you're the one that had sex, don't have an abortion!
by Scandalicious (Jo-Dee) April 30, 2003
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