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Not unlike Movie Stars, Abortion doctors share a similar measure of celebrity. Their feats are watched and worshiped by a vast group of people who admire their courage, wealth and talent.

Abortion Doctor Groupies are a select group of women who crave the emotional satisfaction of having sex with an abortion doctor, getting knocked up at the same time, and then requiring an abortion by the same doctor a couple months later.

Abortion Doctor Groupies generally hang out around abortion clinics in the early evenings under the veil of darkness. When the abortion doctors come out after a long day of aborting things, the groupies offer their sexual services to the doctors, always assuring them that they are "fixed."

One the doctor sleeps with the groupie, the groupie waits to see if she is pregnant. If she is, she uses the pregnancy as blackmail against the doctor who may be married and have kids. Thus, the doctor is forces to conduct the abortion.

Shit, that Abortion Doctor Groupie screwed me over. I had to abort a baby because I accidentally knocked her up a few months ago.

She is one messed up slut.
by pollup December 29, 2007
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