The act of turning the peace sign upside down. In other words it's "peace up, a-town down"
nig you gotsta know when you turnin that peace down around that's a-town down bra!
by bangbangletchyanutshang March 28, 2006
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To flash the hand signal for peace (the two fingers raised up), and the hand signal in the shape of an A for A town (two fingers pointing down).
by shadowcaster187 November 02, 2006
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verb-the act of a woman wrapping her legs around the man while hes fucking her on top
"dude my g/f is such a freak in bed i was on top and she did the a-town down wrap around"

"the a-town down wrap around makes me blow my load too soon"
by DjayD17 April 10, 2007
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When a slut/whore or nymphomaniac comes to a small town and fucks every avaliable man in a relatively short time, hence being given the title as the "town bicycle." (i.e.: everyone gets a ride),then leaves to move onto the next town or truck stop where the cycle continues. (apparently this phrase is used in country Australia)
Drunk: Hey mate! Where's that 2 bob whore that was around here yesterday?
Pub Owner: You poor bloke, you didn't get any?
Pub owner: That shiela already Fucked the Town down and shook her arse at the ruins
by Boganwarrior June 18, 2006
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Very inexpensive weed, usually located in the inner city and used by People of Color.
Shit, that down town brown was only 20 dollars an eighth.
by Billy March 20, 2005
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