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a girl who attends lady manners school. she often wears a short skirt allowing her to flash her gash this regularly results in a pregnancy before her GCSE's. A manners girl is stuck up and is known for owning around 14 horses and her own stables. This applied to every girl who goes to lady manners school, it is not just a stereotypical view from the rival school highfields. highfields is a much better school where they achieve very high grades and have a wide range of cultural and diverse students, ranging from chav-esque boys to new look obbsessed dumb pre-teen girls. girls from manners are also known for their slag like behavior, boys from highfields know this because they have on many occasions tried to 'pull' a manners girl. this has never really resulted in a long term realtionship. some say this is because of the slutty manners girls but secretly we all know its due to the genuine unattractivness and chavness and dumbness of the highfields lads. also they do not get sarcasm. highfields girls are known to be jealous of the manners girls. mainly because of their natural beauty and indvidual style. manners girls are very classy and mature for their age. highfield lasses are jealous of this becasue they still act and dress like they are in year 9 with their flower top/dresses and 3/4 length leggings and primark pumps. so basically, do not trust a manners girl they are all heartless whores.
'a bowling ball accomodates less fingers than a manners girl'

'i am so jealous of them manners girls. they are all so pretty. they dont have to slap a whole tub of dream matte mousse on their faces before they caome out unlike me - a highfields girl'

by a manners slag June 12, 2010
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