The physical act of coitus which leads to a strong orgasm. The opposite of bad sex. Something everyone wants. A good fuck is always better than masturbation.
That chick is a good fuck she will let you cum on her face.
I heard that chick is a good fuck.

She told me he has a big cock and he was a good fuck.
He was a good fuck becuase she came 100 times.
by Kyle11 September 12, 2006
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Similar to when someone says a book is "a good read" but when you see a girl that has no personality, and has a sexy body and is only good to fuck.
Damn that girl would be "a good fuck". too bad she got no personality.
by LEEUHPOLD P. February 04, 2016
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1. When someone thinks it's funny to use the word "fucking" or "fuck." 2. When someone is being sarcastic.
Someone 1: Good fucking evening have a great fucking day don't forget your fucks lol. Someone 2: Wtf ? or Someone 1: Good fucking evening >.> Someone 2: Are you being sarcastic? Someone 1: No..... >.> Someone 2: Dude ._.
by Someone I guess? June 20, 2018
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wat dumb fucks from nowhere special try to act hard and get mad and say there gone call the police wen they get off the internet they say good fucking bye
stu: emily is a cunt
emily: im going to call the police on you good fucking bye
by stephanie November 30, 2004
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