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A drinking game popular in Central Wisconsin. All players sit in a circle around a table. They are then numbered from Zumi(zero)to the however many people there are, less one. The players then all get ready to rock. Players raise their hands and say "Awww Fuck me! Let's play Zumi Zumi". On "Fuck me" the players start a pattern of hitting the table twice and clapping twice, on the beginning syllables of the words i.e.:

*=table hit
^= clap
* * ^ ^ * *

After a pause of two beats, the player designated as Zumi starts. After saying Zumi any even number of times, they may say any number that has been assigned to one of the other players. That player then says their number any even number of times, and then says another number. The numbers can be called in any order, so every player must concentrate. Also, the patter of hitting and clapping must speed up. The speed will be designated by the group, and doesn't have to stay constant. The person who screws up first drinks.

As an option, Players may chant "So heres to _____ to _____ to ______ so heres to _____ who's with us to night. S/he's happy s/he's jolly, s/he chugs one by golly, so DRINK MOTHERFUCKER! DRINK MOTHERFUCKER! DRINK MOTHERFUCKER! DRINK!
Zumi Zumi, one one! One one, one one, one one, three three! three three, Zumi Zumi. If Zumi doesn't respond, responds late, screws up the percussive pattern, says a number that is not assigned or says a number different than their own, Zumi drinks.
by A-Scully November 27, 2006
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