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Basic definition: When a woman has had multiple husbands.

Typically a woman with "Zsa Zsa Syndrome" will have had multiple husbands (at least two or more). These women feel the need to trade up. A women with this syndrome will only keep a husband for a maximum of five years before kicking him to the curb. Often, the women with this syndrome is justified in divorcing her man because he could have been less than perfect. It's also possible that a man with more money came along, causing her to trade up to the richer man.

To be afflicted with this syndrome is not necessarily a bad thing. It can have a positive outcome. Benfits are being able to trade up, and when you are sick of your huband you can divorce him and get a new one, thus being able to fall in love again and again or just marry a really rich man.
This syndrome was discovered when the "Gabor Sisters" all had multiple husbands, with Zsa Zsa having the most, therefore coining the term "Zsa Zsa Syndrome".
by A Zsa Zsa September 06, 2009
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