A scale describing how high someone is through a list of relatable descriptor words.
Please see as followed:
1. Creamed (as high as possible)
2. Zooted
3. Baked

4. Glazed
5. High
6. Lifted
"Hey man, are you okay after smoking that much? You look totally creamed according to the Zooted Scale."
by cactifetish69 April 11, 2021
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To be extremely high or under the influence of alcohol,opeits, or memes and then to be caught by the infamous “coots” who will then arrest you on the spot and then lock you
“Man I was smoking that good shit and got Zooted ‘n Cooted and now I lost my scholarship
by CuntyMama December 1, 2017
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Stupid looking glasses you wear while you're high so it's harder to see your eyes.
Rosie '' Yo did you bring your zoot goggles I wanna smoke tn.''
by gotthismoneyonme September 1, 2019
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A single hit of weed that makes you go from sober to stoned af in seconds.
Friend: You ok, man? You just walked in, took a hit, and now you’re crawling on the floor with your eyes slammed shut!

Stoner with huge smile: I’m great. I just got a zoot hit and I’m already tapping out of the rotation!
by Bagel duster August 1, 2021
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A Zoot Suit is a suit that has a killer-diller jacket with drape shape, trousers with reet plates and stuffed cuffs, and a loud art deco necktie.

Also called a Pachuco, it was popular among rebellious youth in America during WWII
I'm picking up my Zoot Suit from the tailor to-morrow!
by Vintage Translator February 14, 2020
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A slang phrase that originated from Austin, Texas which refers to an imaginary suit that measures how "zooted" (high on marijuana) one is. The term is commonly used shortly after someone smokes.
"You look like you've got your zoot suit on now"
"I've got on my Zoot Suit up to here" (While pointing somewhere on their body to indicate how much of the suit they're wearing)
by C4Effectz April 20, 2022
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