1. Clothing worn by young second generation mexican imagrants
2. The people who wore the zoot suits
The sailor really fucked up that gaddamn zoot suit
by berserker October 20, 2003
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A wardrobe you would eventually be in by the end of the night after a long night of drinking/getting baked. Typically made up of a NBA throwback jersey, a tank top and an extremely short pair of shorts (your fighting shorts-good for leg flexibility)
Aaron:"I heard people are so wasted there that girls are sucking dicks for fun!"
Tyler:"Well in that case I better put my zoot suit on!" *throws on 89' Jordan jersey*
Dino:"Let's go do some damage"
by Dirtymurt September 20, 2011
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A Zoot Suit is a suit that has a killer-diller jacket with drape shape, trousers with reet plates and stuffed cuffs, and a loud art deco necktie.

Also called a Pachuco, it was popular among rebellious youth in America during WWII
I'm picking up my Zoot Suit from the tailor to-morrow!
by Vintage Translator February 13, 2020
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