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"The best group of people ever."

Don't be intimidated by their looks especially if one of them looks like a badboi because they're actually really kind and nice people once you get to know them.

: A group of people who bully each other as an act of showing their love.

: A group of people that send memes or makes memes of each other.

: A group of people with boys who influence girls to play at tnc with them.
mayora: "Omg, that group of loud and crazy people are such a Zoobitch Safafari."
donya: "I know right, but they're actually really cool people. I'd love to be a part of their group."

mayora: "Why are they bullying and hitting that poor guy who looks like a drug addict?"
donya: "Oh them? Don't worry about them they're Zoobitch Safafari, it's normal."
by p3kp3k>kw3kw3k July 25, 2018
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