Zombies are re-animated humans. When a human is bit, they will eventually die, then re-animated and come 'back' to life. Zombies feast on warm flesh.
Although they they not always rip off limps and eat them, they actually don't need to eat. The only semi-function part of a zombie is their brain. Zombies can have their arms and legs ripped off, and still function. The only thing they need IS their brains.
You can only kill them but targeting their brains. You could use any object, but a gun would be preferred probably because I highly doubt anyone would actually want to be close enough to hit a zombie with bat or something.
They one have one form, although there are many... zombies. What I mean is people have made them fast, slow, stupid, smart etc.
Read World War Z it is about Zombie erg.
by Gijo February 21, 2009
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A reanimated corpse.
1. Lupe fiasco's The Cool, a gangsta brought back to life to haunt the streets. Only one thought runs through his head, the only phrase he can say- "Hustla for death, no heaven for a gangsta".

2. yo mama, (a real ugly zombie)
by Black_VI-DaRealNigga May 09, 2008
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Gore-drentched Lucio Fulci film about an Island full of the living dead. Considered to be one of the greatest horror films of all time.
I was really suprised that blockbuster carried zombie, but it had that 'youth restricted' sticker on it.
by mikey misconduct January 22, 2004
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A lifeless corpse that has been reanimated by means of viral, demonic, occult or alien sources. Best dealt with by a shotgun blast to the upper regions of the body or head.
Gave that zombie a shotgun blast to the face. I think hes dead for good now.
by Wink March 07, 2005
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strange behavior between wasted and unconsciousness, subject usually show white eyes or almost white eyes, zigzag walking, and cold skin.
what do i did on my zombie stage? don't remember
by Kenshin July 09, 2004
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in the game half-life, when a head crab takes over a corpse, the resulting alien is generally called a zombie, because of the whole "corpse being reanimated" thing.
be careful, there may be head crabs behind that door, or...SHIT! ZOMBIES!!!
by ninja9 May 28, 2007
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Former humans whom have either succumbed to extreme stupidity or have been bitten by one who has. Highly contagious the most obvious signs of infection are lack of awareness of other drivers when driving on the highway, complete and utter bull falling from their lips on a consistant basis, and most importantly any long term employee who lacks even the smallest clue as to how to perform their job duties.
The zombie manager in operations has completely infected the staff.
by Trillian31 February 20, 2010
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