A drink consisting of White Rum, Dark Rum, sours, and pinapple juice

Got the name because of its grey green colour (like a zombie skin)
I'd like a Zombie please..
by NetFreak April 13, 2005
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In the context of dating, to zombie someone is to come back from the dead (re-initiate communication after an extended absence) after ghosting someone.
John and Sally had been dating for several weeks and then John suddenly ghosted Sally. Months later (likely in the middle of a long, cold winter) John zombied Sally and reinstated contact with Sally, as if Sally had never been ghosted.
by Jania_ATL September 30, 2015
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slang for marijuana, pot, refer, or herb in Australia.
Men at Work song "Down Under" Lyrics

"Travelling in a fried out Kombie, on a hippie trail head full of zombie."

Lets smoke some zombie mate....
by dogwood April 11, 2006
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A model citizen, and someone who we all should strive to be. Zombies don't hide behind their insecurities or lie to other people. They just want your brains. They don't need to exaggerate to make anyone feel better, but instead, being the upfront creatures that they are, make a bull run for your delicious flesh. They don't waste away life by making false friends, finding a girl or guy zombie only to be led on, and drinking their entire life to ease the pain. Nay, they do what they want (eating brains) at any cost, being shot in the head, blown up into a million pieces, being clobbered with blunt objects. But at the end of the day, battered and beaten, the zombie finds a way to moan and get on with his life. Isn't that the true secret to personal fulfillment?
Zombie 1: "Braaaaaaiins!"
Zombie 2: "Brains?"
by 73H L337 H4X0R!!1 November 04, 2010
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when a girl is sucking a guy off he shoots cum in her eyes so she cant see....and she walks around with her arms extended looking for a towel to wipe her eyes with.....looking like a zombie
adam gave adriana the zombie this morning she fell down ....full thriller style.
by tink July 19, 2004
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Zombie- a human which has long deceased and has been reanimated by an unknown cause. Zombies can only be killed by dismemberment of their heads. A corpse must be mostly intact to become a zombie. To prevent an unneeded outbreak, I suggest you cremate any dead bodies.

Zombies cannot climb, if caught in an outbreak, climb on to a roof. Zombies also cannot swim, they do not need air to survive either.

If you are trapped in an outbreak, tight clothes and short hair are recommended.

Do not report zombies to the police, they could just be an escaped mental patient or a sleepwalker.
Run! That zombie might eat you!


Uncle Fred died three weeks ago... what is he doing with the neighbor's cat?
by 2JunGanMulligan March 31, 2010
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...With their tanks, and their bombs,
and their bombs, and their guns,
In your head, In your head, They're cryin'... In your head, In your head, Zombie Zombie Zombie-ie-ie-ie...
by Abhishek October 23, 2003
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