Some one who has drank an absurd amount of alcohol and is in a semi unconscious state.
Dude did you see craig last night he was such a zombie after that half gal of bernetts.
by Flatteryj March 26, 2010
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A dude (or dudette) that rises from the dead (after a long no-communication period) and tries to start a conversation with fewer brains and tact than an actual zombie. They are in a subcategory of fuckboy.
Friend 1: "Brian from Tinder hasn't messaged me a week, but today he said 'hey'. Do you think that he's interested?"
Friend 2: "No! He's just being a zombie."

Friend A: "So...my ex never responded to the text I sent a year ago, but today he randomly asked how I was doing. What the fuck?"
Friend B: "What a Zombie! He's probably just bored and horny. Don't respond!"
by ThisB April 26, 2018
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zombie- undead creature, usually of human nature, has a insatisfiable craving for humam flesh and brains, really annoying, and hard to kill, as they are already dead.. Also, if a person has been bitten, and survives, he/she will die from infection, and come back as a flesh hungry zombie, and will attack the nearest person, regardless of who they are if encountered, run for your life, or trip the person next to you.. a wunderwaffle is a good weapon to have during a zombie outbreak,
As the zombie feasted upon the corpse of his dead friend, Stan ran like a little pussy..
by NAZI-LOVER February 14, 2011
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A person who is dead asleep and will wake up looking like trash.
She is a zombie with her face looking like that.
by Zuzubts March 23, 2018
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Modern day 16 to 25 year-olds working long hours at dead end jobs for minimum wage trying to make ends meet.
You are a Zombie, you poor soul, bless your little cotton socks.
by Clap Them Alien Cheeks September 29, 2019
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