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Masses of biogenetically enhanced or cursed individuals on the rampage for human meat. Often the destruction of mankind (more affective but not as clean as pirates or ninjas). Zombie hordes can be most often found in two places:
1) Cities in a Zombie Apocolypse after some unwiting team mate triggers a car alarm, breaks a window, knocks over a trash can, etc.
2) Remote praries and abandoned towns in the midwest.
Tom: Hey, let's split directions while there are roving bands of zombie hordes about!
Betty: Okay! What's the worst that could happen?
Tom: Certainly not one of us getting cornered, turned into a flesh eating ghoul, and finding the other one totaly trusting while they turn their back and we proceed to eat their brains!
Betty: Let's go!
by Twinfist February 04, 2010
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