A Zoidberg is when a friend gives you a hand job with a crab. He/she positions the crabs claw around your penis, and the friend then jerks the crab up and down. In essence, the Zoidberg is a dutch-rudder via crab claw.
Professor Farnsworth: "Good news everybody! I just got a Zoidberg!"
Fry: "Ewww, you let him touch you?"
Professor Farnsworth: "Good God no! I had Bubble Gum fondle me through half a fiddler crab."
by Cockdriller April 18, 2010
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The rounded bulges of flesh that protrude around a bra or bikini top, typically caused by wearing a garment that is too tight. Inspired by the carapace of Dr. John Zoidberg M.D., as occasionally seen on the television show Futurama.
Look at the zoidbergs on her, she needs to drop a few pounds or get a new bikini.
by Toxin August 11, 2007
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This is the term used to describe the action of a person with a split-tongue body modification going down on someone. Often accompanied by the sound "whoopwhoop whoop whoop whoop."
Oh god Zoidberg, your tongue is amazing whoopwhoop whoop whoop whoop!
by Justice_League August 15, 2009
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a crab-like person or creature. tell tale signs include crab movement in the hands and hideous disfigurement. eyes tend to look in different directions.
may attack when angry.
by WOOP WOOP GO ZOIDY June 21, 2007
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When you're eating Ramen noodles after blowing on them to cool them off. Once you get tehm half in your mouth you realise that the bottom of the noodles is still far too hot so you leave them dangling from your mouth.
by Brian Gaylor February 08, 2006
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To shove your hand so far up someone's ass that they can move said hand outside of your mouth like the Futurama character Zoidberg.
Can be used as a noun and verb
Whoop whoop sounds can be used to add insult to injury.
Johnny was sick of Billy's purple nurples so he gave him a zoidberg.
by bigtrouble33 May 16, 2013
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When a females pussy is so shot out that her pussy lips dangle like the mouth of futureamas Dr. Zoidberg.
Yo homie see that broad over there
I hit that shit last night
Eww mafucka I hope you wore a Jimmy she a zoidberg
by ghostofmyformerself July 19, 2015
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