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A person who acts as if their life is much more difficult than it actually is, well stepping on the lives of others and cheating their way to everything they've ever accomplished. Having nothing half decent to show for any of it.

2.) A batshit crazy "game developer " who made a shitty storybook like game titled "depression quest", admittedly slept with multiple men who'd reviewed her game later, and has quite possibly the most grotesque set of lewd photos in existence. Widely responsible for the GamerGate scandal and the visual impairment of thousands.
"What exactly has Khloé Kardashia done to earn her fame? She's such a Zoe Quinn"
"No one knows who fired the shot heard round the boards, but speculation holds it was Joots Cock, and that Zoe had him by the shaft"
by HotWheelsandMoney November 19, 2014
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