Getting played, or embarrassed.
Robbed by scammers
"you be in the store, card declined declined, you not litt.. you got zoed"
Someone who was swindled by money flippers "20 into 200" or by scammers who sell gift cards loaded with money from stolen credit cards AKA "pieces"
by napturally__me April 13, 2016
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When someone steals something you have
"Bro she just zoed my gum"
"Yo i just zoed his pen"
by Cat with a gat July 15, 2017
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Getting turned down by a female whom you really like.
I went up to this girl I liked , asked her for her number, she said NO. I got Zoed.
by Ruseriousmj23 February 04, 2014
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A Zo-zo is another name for a blunt, and a Zo (singular) is another name for a GB. These both are methods of smoking marijuana. These terms are both alluding to the amorous and scandalous dark ages of the infamous #TLB.
Trent: "Yeah- we're ripping some Zo-Zo's after practice if you're down."
Noah: "Oh- totally. Make sure it's not too milky or I'll barf!"
by JeebLord December 01, 2016
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A truncated form of pizo (peezo), slang for a glass pipe used to smoke methamphetamine.
"Make sure you keep twistin' that 'zo when you're hittin' it or you're gonna burn up all my shit."
by luckylymon January 01, 2009
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My favorite method of toking some gleep
"i just got some darfurian shit juice. put that shit in a zoing..."
by Gleep zoing January 31, 2010
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The act of being under the influence of cannabis.

Often shortened to the affixes "z-" and "-z" to distinguish between doing an activity and doing an activity under the influence.
I'm so zo about about to pazz

Zootball is the shit!

Let's go getz!

by Zon Zunne February 12, 2008
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