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Someone who believes Yahshuah(Jesus) is Yahweh(God), and, also, believes that The Jewish people are Yahweh's people. Holding on to the belief that Israel is the nation of The Jews and any gentile(Non-Jew) who accepts Yahshuah as their personal savior is a spiritual descendant of Avrim(Abraham). They believe Judaism is the only way to worship Yahweh honorably. Note 1. Nazirenes, Judo-Christians, Nazirene Jews, Messianic-Jews, and Zionist Christians share these beliefs. Note 2. Zionist Christians, and others like them are not to be confused with Catholics, Orthodox, or any other denomination because they are seperate from these religions.
That Zionist-Christian loves Passover.
by Who Loves The God of Israel April 17, 2009
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