The feeling one gets after a nice line of blow.

Euphoric feeling you get after snorting.
Example 1:

Subject A: *snort* *snort*

Subject B: How is it?

Subject A: ZING!

Example 2:

by Snorterman February 28, 2011
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(Interjection) A word used when a joke is only funny to the person that tells said joke and has no real relevance to the conversation currently at hand.
Guy 1: Man, that burrito I had last night was awesome!

Guy 2: Yeah, just like your mom!

Guy 1: Zing...
by Jewcore February 20, 2009
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A non-fatal electric shock
"Damn I just got zinged by that electric cable, dagnammit!"
by Evfedu February 21, 2006
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An electric coffee grinder when used for busting up marijuana.
He popped the chronic in the zing zing and busted it up nice and fine for the blunt.
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A synonym to the original "Zingin". It's the feeling of having extreme mental clarity and utmost cognitive function. It typically happens when one is high off stimulants and/or nootropics. It's the sense of "flying high & mighty" off uppers or supplements that improve focus, euphoria, & cerebral ability.
Damn I'm zinging off this coke right now!

I love zinging off vyvanse haha
by WrightTurn July 02, 2021
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