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A mathepreneur whose products (T-shirts, mugs, tote bags, cards, pillows, and so on) leverage on the idiosyncratic properties of the number zero, with cartoons, definitions, jokes, puns, and puzzles printed on them.
Zeropreneur Ian likes to educate the lay public about the oft-counterintuitive properties of zero, by having “zero” messages, such as the following:
Is 0 ÷ 0 = 0 or 1?
How many zeros and nonzeros are there in 10O0O0O00OO?
A “proof” that 1 = 2: Since 1 × 0 = 2 × 0, dividing by zero gives 1 = 2!
Urban Dictionary’s zero words like “zerofusion,” “zero success,” and “0/0 vision.”
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by MathPlus June 04, 2018
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