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The Metroid Prime star Samus Aran usuals seen wearing the trademark Metroid Bounty Hunter suit, however in certain Metroid games codes can be used to remove Samus' suit showing her in an admitedly hot bikini.
Player 1: Dude did you use the Zero suit samus code?
Player 2: yea, Samus is fucking hot!
Player 1: sweet...
by Raz0rLine May 17, 2008
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A Super Smash Bros character, originally from Metroid. She is S tier and is freaking amazing. If she's your main, you have the hottest and greatest character on the whole roster. From ssb4 to ssbu, she got less thiqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq but Sakurai must have his reasons 😥.
Person 1: Dude! Who's your main in smash?
Person 2: Zero Suit Samus!
Person 1: Dude, we gotta smash sometime!
Person 3 (aside): To be honest the only reason people pick her is to stare at her boobs.
by RemoIsHere August 11, 2018
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