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The 'pretty boy' Chosen of Tethe'alla. He is the misunderstood pervert of Tales of Symphonia. Zelos has many admirers, who he calls his 'hunnies'. He is very flamboyant, to the point that some people think he's gay with Lloyd. Which isn't true, but it is in question by many fanfic writers.

In reality, his peversion and narcissim only stems from the hardships Zelos has faced when he was younger.

Do you want to find out more? Too bad! I'm too lazy to countinue!
Zelos Wilder, he's so HOT!

Zelos is in love with Kratos, NOT Lloyd!
by Kurai Na July 17, 2006
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A strapping man in his early twenties who walks like a pirate and speaks like a womanizer. He is clad in a pink vest, black undershirt and always wears his trusty speedo under his clothes.
He loves women so much, he pays regular visits to each of his hunnies houses. Often, he has to sneak back into Meltokio through the sewers.

His walk is often described as walking like an old school pimp. He holds his pelvis out and talks awkward steps. In battle, he also spins while holding his sword into an enemy to attack.

Zelos may be the emoest person in Tales of Symphonia. His life was hard, his mother died, he thinks he took away his sisters happiness and he betrayed his best friend. He only admits how truly sad he is after his death, were his emoness is unlocked into a beautiful flowing rapid of emotions. It is at this time when all of the people in the party realize that they loved him.

He is also very obsessed with melons. He likes to eat them. And om nom om on over 9000 melons a day.
Zelos Wilder loves Papa Bear.
No, Zelos Wilder has seen more melons than a fruit stand.
by Puddingpu December 22, 2009
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