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Noun or Adjective

Extra ordinary beauty and also an extremely clever bombshell.
Smart, cute, beautiful, exotic, different, one of a kind.
1. Damn, look at her Zeel, she got me speechless.
2. Nothing can compare to her Zeelness; amazing.
3. She is such a Zeel, I wish I could be her.
by BigZ_02 December 24, 2012
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Somebody/ something/ everything being zeel.
Zeel is the ultimate status attainable by anything.
1. Oh ya Zeel
2. No balls of steel
3. bandwagon wheel
4. rolling down the failhill
5. orange peel
6. Feel the zeel!
7. Take a Zeel Pill, dude!
by Ngrmancer March 20, 2010
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A badass motherfucker who is the first born son of the main guy who acts in Scarface. He likes to send little kids to school by stomping over their hopes and dreams.

Also, he flames on forums too, but the members are thankless little shits and attempt to ban him.
User Mc' Dumbass: omg i need pvp help!
Zeel: fuck you, this isn't noob hour.
by Zeel December 02, 2009
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