Typically used to poke fun at what someone said or did, to show that it is stupid.

First two examples are quotes from the movie "Snatch"
"What's a gun doing in your trousers?" "It's for protection." "Protection from what? Zee Germans?"

"Then what happens to the rabbit?" "Well, it gets fucked." "Proper fucked?" "Yeah, before Zee Germans get here."

'What's with all the locks? Afraid Zee Germans are going to rob you?'

'So did you get to play?' 'No, Zee Germans did.'
by FunkRenegade July 5, 2005
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It is actually a term used to make fun of how Germans speak english.

"Zee" is the inability of Germans to enunciate the 'th'.
Hans-Dieter: "Zee Lederhosen were so tight JA, I could not feel zee schnitzel änymore!"

Klaus:"Scheiss mich an, du Sau!"

Trevor: "Did you hear what Zee Germans said?!

Mike: They are not German, they're frickin' idiots!!!"
by Zee Hermantor April 28, 2006
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Contrary to the post above, "Zee Germans" is not referring to how Germans speak English at all.

"Zee Germans" comes from the fact that the German word for "the" in some cases, is "sie or Sie" which is pronounced, Zee.

So, when someone says, "Zee Germans," they are saying "The Germans," in a hybrid English German language.
Whoever wrote that definition above should be proper fucked!!!

By who???

I'm sure Zee Germans wouldn't mind doing it.
by Zbreedbz May 22, 2010
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Controversy over this definition has arisen due to someone being too lazy to look up the definition of a German word. The word sie/Sie can mean she, they or you but not the.
The 'correct' anglo-german would be 'die Germans' or perhaps 'protection from den Germans'.

The word 'zee' here is clearly meant to mean the (and it's a better sounding phrase than die Germans) but I have to lend my support to the mispronunciation of the theory to the mistranslation of sie theory.

You have also misspelled Deutsch
What annoys you the most?

People attacking others without checking the facts, also losing to zee Germans on penalties.
by nurry7 June 26, 2010
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