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-Arabic name, meaning someone/something providing beauty
-Derived from the word zeenat which means beauty
These contacts look so zayna on you
by diya55 September 01, 2006
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An extraordinarily hot girl, usually Arab, often has dark hair, very intelligent, is very hard to get her to like you and probably will never even consider going out with you and especially not anyone named Reza.
Reza: Dude, Zayna is so hot! I mean look at her figure!
Aimee: Yeah, she's hot.
Reza: She will never go out with me, will she?
Aimee: You have no chance.
by Eruth August 31, 2012
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A beautiful girl who is always up for a good time...Weather it be outside skateboarding, or in the bed...A little slutty with a dirty mind, but deffantially NOT EASY! You know her, you love her. She is easy going, and never looks back...Lives life to the fullest! Looks a little bit dark, but you have to know the real her...Always Good With A Steven.
person1:I think Im in love.
person2:What is she like?
person1:She is a total Zayna
person2:Man, your lucky!
by ThatSkaterDude February 11, 2010
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A Zayna is usually a very slutty kind of girl, also very unintelligent.

Also known as a cuntpenis
Zayna: "do pigeons have orgasms?"
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A sex slave, good at teaching the arts of the shower and cleaning sticky faces.
The Zayna didn't get the cash, but she's gonna have to give me her services anyways.
by mariofreak55 May 28, 2007
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