some gay guy who no one likes bare moist thinks hes bad when really hes a likkle man who doesnt do shit

always on that verbal ting
"hello my mandem!" - said Zayn
"ay shut up you moist yute move before we rush you wet guy"
by LD2Certi October 12, 2020
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Zayn is a lovely a lovely guy who will fight with you through thick and thin. He’s kind, caring and has a lot of love to share. Although sometimes he does might get down on himself, don’t take him for granted. Keep your expectations high because he will probably fulfill them.
Girl: oooof, look at that snack over there. I wonder what his name is?
Boy: It’s Zayn and he’s the sweetest, kindest, boy ever. Yummy snacccccc
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A queer with no purpose in life. Steps on anyone to get ahead. Has a serious lack of intellect with an extreme case of uncoordination. Usually has a large gut and slits for nipples. Can also be used as a synononym for idiot.
A fat kid trips and falls. "Oh man, what a Zayn!"
by Chelzea Clinton March 13, 2009
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To be a fag or jus be gay
Your a Zayn
by Ace529 November 10, 2018
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