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Zayn is also a masculine Arabic name which means "Beauty and Grace." Zayn refers to inner beauty not external beauty. It can be the first name for a boy and very common name among people of Middle Eastern and North African descent. Ejaz is of an Arabic origin, and widely used in Africa and Asia. It has a male name meaning (mo’jiza) miracle / astonishment.

The name as one, Zayn Ejaz, would then mean, “A beautiful yet graceful miracle”. It can be used as a full name in terms of Forename (Zayn) and Surname (Ejaz) in the Islamic culture. It is a very masculine name radiating in with beauty and serenity. You are truly blessed to be known by this and are extremely privileged to come into contact with anyone with such a name.
You are Zayn Ejaz (a beautiful miracle).
by Bawatiba April 29, 2011
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