Born on November 5th, 2008, Zayins dad left him at the early age of 2. He then moved on to watching anime while being attached to under his bed, zayin used to be a fit, and enthusiastic character. Things have changed, he then balled himself a “rust chad” and “weeb” he makes fun of “normies” online. His mom then nick named him “Daquavios Bingleton” going against zayins belief of him thinking that he’s a anime boy. All in all, Zayin burnstick arcand has a famous friend “Tiny Tim”, the reason for that nickname is because “Tiny Tim” has a comically large nose.
“Honey, if you fail school, you’re gonna end up like zayin Burnstick Arcand!” Or a famous quote from zayin Burnstick Arcand, “niggers r bad”
by Cowbelly64 May 10, 2022
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You are so goofy you like are just like Zayin Burnstick Arcand
by funne man May 9, 2022
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