The worlds best nerd, the zaniest person, and the most likely to go to Harvard at 13 years old.
"Oh my gosh, I wish I was Zara"
by ChickenGirl November 15, 2018
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Zara’s are extremely crazy 24/7! They know how to party and love to dance their way through life. Quite shy but once you get to know her you won’t get her to shut up. Very loving but her special man needs to keep his distance as zaras need their personal space!
Zaras so sweet
by Keira 363647 May 26, 2019
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Zara is a very thick girl with fat in the right places. U don't ever want to miss on a girl like dat.
Damnnnn..Look at that ass...I wanna slap that
Must be a Zara
by Lookinaround January 30, 2019
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A very bright and unique person. Zara’s are princesseses along the way of there life. They are very pretty and naturally beautiful. If you ever come across a Zara, you should always be with her and never lose her as a friend. Of course in some part in her life, people will become jealous of you and try to make your life miserable, but all you have to do is remember is that you are stronger then them.
Bully: Ewwww look it’s Zara. Sooo Ugly
Zara: *Walks Away*
Bully: Oiiii Come Back
Zara: *Gives Dirts At Them*
Bully: *Shocked*
by _xx.zxara.xx_ May 31, 2018
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Zara is perfect, most people don't see it though. She loves everyone around her, even if she pretends to hate them. She is usually a baker and loves to listen to music, especially boy bands and male singers. Zara likes to be nice to everyone but if you mess with her she will destroy you like the US troupes to the the Axis at the end of the war. Zara does NOT let anybody push her around. Did I mention Zara LOVES history? She is obsessed with it, especially World War II. Zara is usually an extrovert except around people that she might have a crush on or people she doesn't like. She most commonly has brown hair and blue eyes(that might colour change depending on her mood), she is very pretty and bubbly. Zara is always smiling, even when she is sad, upset or angered. Zara is a good friend and great student. She is very smart and will probably go to fancy schools. If you know a Zara, don't let her go and if you are forced to separate be with her as much as you can until she leaves. Zara is also a party girl. She will always be the life of the party. She likes to throw big parties. If Zara invited you to a part make sure you go, it will be the time of your life.
EX 1:
(Zara walks into the room, skipping)
Zara: Hi everyone
Everyone: Hi Zara

EX 2:
Boy: Your a nerd
Zara: At least I pass my tests

EX 3:
Zara baked cookies for her class. Everyone enjoyed them, except for that one picky kid.

EX 4:
(Person gets an invitation to one of Zara's parties)
(Boy takes one look at invitation, runs after Zara)
Boy: Here Zara, (hands her back invitation with check mark on "yes")
Zara: Thanks glad you could make it
by Bitchasshoe_fucking_mint February 25, 2019
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Zara isn’t shy at all. She’ll be cold to you at first but she’ll warm up to you after a day or two. She is sweet, warm, always helping others and beautiful. She tries hard to make others laugh even when she’s feeling down. She’s open with her emotions and will help herself if she feels like she needs to. If you be a b*tch, she won’t hesitate anything so be careful. She’s very mentally sensitive and has a high pain tolerance. She doesn’t play by rules and does whatever she wants; she’ll get her way. Stubborn, sweet, soft, but can be b*tch when she needs to.
That girl, Zara, is so cute.

No she isn’t. She’s too much of a pain.

Watch that..
via giphy
by opppppppaaaaaaahhhhhh June 02, 2019
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Zara is a very confident girl and EVERYONE loves her, obviously. Also, she is the most beautiful and amazing person who can fly and everything! she's bare cool yanno
damn that Zara is bare fit and peng.
by TheTruthXox February 03, 2017
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